Black Friday Bonanza Unleashed at

Black Friday Bonanza Unleashed at

 🎉 Black Friday Bonanza Unleashed at 🎉

Gear up for the audio extravaganza of the year with unprecedented deals only at! 🚀

From November 11th to November 17th, US time, dive into the world of sublime soundscapes and experience auditory bliss like never before. Choose from the finest selection of audio wonders with jaw-dropping discounts of up to 50% off!



🔊 Monitoring IEMs - Explore the boundaries of detail.

🌟 Top Picks:

  • [Yanyin Canon II 4BA + 1 Biological Dynamic Driver Hybrid HiFi IEM Earphone]: Discover your music's true essence with the Yanyin Canon II – featuring a harmonious blend of 4 Balanced Armature drivers and 1 Biological Dynamic Driver for a Hybrid HiFi IEM experience. Personally tested and recommended for its balanced highs and lows, this earphone offers exceptional performance at a mid-range price point, striking the perfect chord with audio enthusiasts.

  • [XENNS Mangird Top 8BA+1DD Hybrid IEM In-ear Earphone Swappable]:Experience the zenith of sound with XENNS Mangird Top – a powerhouse of 8 Balanced Armature drivers plus 1 Dynamic Driver in a Hybrid IEM setup. Offering a balanced frequency response and superb value for money, these in-ear earphones are a top pick for audiophiles seeking both quality and affordability in a single, swappable package.
  • [BQEYZ Winter Ultra in Ear Earphones 1DD+1BC HiFi Dynamic Driver]:Introducing the BQEYZ Winter Ultra in-ear earphones – the gateway to high-fidelity sound with a 1DD+1BC HiFi dynamic driver setup. An entry-level audiophile's dream, these earphones deliver quality tested and proven. Originally $269, they're yours this Black Friday for just $189 after a hearty 30% discount. Don't miss the chance to wrap your ears in aural bliss for less.
  • [SeeAudio Bravery RB Edition Anniversary 4 Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones]:Celebrate sonic finesse with the SeeAudio Bravery RB Edition Anniversary In-Ear Headphones. Crafted with 4 precision Balanced Armature drivers for a truly brave sound profile. Mark the occasion without marking up the price – originally $319, they're available to you for just $242 after a generous 25% off this Black Friday. Step into a legacy of sound at a price that sings
  • [Seeaudio Yume Ultra 1DD+2BA In-Ear Monitors IEM Earphones Earbuds]:Embark on an auditory journey with the SeeAudio Yume Ultra In-Ear Monitors – a perfect harmony of 1 Dynamic Driver and 2 Balanced Armatures. As SeeAudio's recommended entry to their world-class sound, the Yume Ultra offers a premium listening experience at an accessible price. Originally $219, these IEM earphones are an absolute steal at just $169 with our Black Friday 30% discount. Dive into the depths of your music collection and hear what you've been missing.
  • [7HZ TIMELESS AE Planar In Ear Monitor Special Edition Dynamic Driver]:Step into a new era of audio with the 7HZ TIMELESS AE Planar In-Ear Monitor Special Edition – the sole planar magnetic recommendation for a stable, rich sound at an unbeatable price. This Double 11, elevate your acoustic experience for an exceptional offer of just $193. Immerse yourself in the timeless quality, where every note resonates with precision and clarity
  • [LETSHUOER E20 10mm Beryllium Coated Dynamic + 8mm DLC Diaphragm Earphone]:Unveil the beginning of your audiophile journey with the LETSHUOER E20, featuring a 10mm Beryllium Coated Dynamic and an 8mm DLC Diaphragm – the ultimate entry-level recommendation and the top choice for budding enthusiasts. This Singles' Day, take home the latest in Letshuoer's innovative audio technology for a mere $44. Experience the stability and clarity of sound in an affordable package, making the E20 your first step into a wider world of sonic bliss.
  • [DUNU TITAN S In-ear Earphone IEM 11mm Dynamic Driver Earbuds]:Dive into the heart of your music with the DUNU TITAN S – a titan among IEMs, equipped with an 11mm dynamic driver designed to deliver a robust and engaging sound profile. These earphones bring a level of clarity and depth that belies their size, ensuring that every genre of music is rendered with precision and passion. Perfect for the discerning listener who seeks an exceptional in-ear experience without compromise.
  • [DUNU SA6 MKII / MK2 6BA In-Ear Monitors IEMs 6 Balance Armature Drivers]:This second generation of SA6 is engineered for the audio purist, delivering a sound that is as intricate as it is immersive. With the SA6 MKII, DUNU reaffirms its commitment to acoustic excellence, offering an unparalleled in-ear monitor experience that resonates with every note.

 🔊 Desktop DACs - Rediscover greatness in music.

🌟 Top Picks:

  • [SMSL DO400 ES9039MSPRO Full Balanced Headphone Amplifier Audio Decoder DAC]: Unlock exceptional value with the SMSL DO400 – a mid-tier marvel featuring the cutting-edge ES9039MSPRO DAC chip from ESS for hard MQA decoding. With an impressive 125dB dynamic range and three headphone outputs (4-XLR, 4.4mm, and 6.35mm), it's engineered for audiophiles seeking the ultimate in versatility and performance without the premium price.
  • [LADDER Schumann R2R DAC HIFI USB DSP Coaxial OPT AES Resolution Audio Decoder]:Ascend your auditory experience with the LADDER Schumann R2R DAC – a symphony of precision engineering and HiFi excellence. With USB, DSP, Coaxial, OPT, and AES inputs, this resolution audio decoder is tailored for the audiophile who demands a harmonic blend of technology and musicality.
  • [GUSTARD R26 Discrete R2R Decoder Native DSD DAC with Streamer/Renderer]:Embrace the warmth of unparalleled audio with the GUSTARD R26 Discrete R2R Decoder – a testament to years of R2R technological refinement and dedication. This high-end Native DSD DAC with Streamer/Renderer is Gustard's premium selection for those who seek the ultimate in lush, detailed soundscapes.
  • [Gustard A26 MQA Decoder Dual AK4499EX & AK4191 MQA384K DAC With Streamer]:Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of sound with the Gustard A26 MQA Decoder – a masterpiece forged from years of meticulous research and development. Featuring Dual AK4499EX & AK4191 for MQA384K decoding, this DAC with Streamer is Gustard's high-end recommendation for the discerning audiophile.

  • [SMSL VMV D2R High-Res Audio DAC BD34301EKV ROHM Chip]:Introducing the crown jewel of the SMSL VMV series – the VMV D2R High-Res Audio DAC. Years of dedicated research culminate in the innovative integration of ROHM's BD34301EKV chip, setting a new standard for high-end audio quality and making it the go-to choice for detail aficionados.

  • [SMSL D400EX AUDIO DAC 1*AK4191 2*AK4499EX OPA1612A MQA-CD DSD512]:  Step into the realm of elite audio decoding with the SMSL D400EX – a high-end DAC that harnesses the power of dual AK4499EX chips and a fully balanced circuit for unparalleled sound clarity, supporting MQA-CD and DSD512 for the ultimate listening experience.

  • [SMSL SU-1 Hi-Res MQA Audio DAC Decoder AK4493S]: Your pocket-sized Hi-Res MQA Audio DAC Decoder powered by AK4493S, all at an incredible value of just $72. Portable perfection for pristine audio anytime, anywhere.


🔊 Desktop Audio Amplifiers - Reshape your sonic space.

  • [SMSL AO300 MA5332MS Power Amplifier & Headphone AMP & Decoder]: Experience versatility at its finest with the SMSL AO300 – A fusion of power amp, headphone amp, and decoder. Featuring an array of rich input and output options, including the innovative HTML input for direct multi-device connectivity, all complete with balanced output for pristine audio delivery. 

  • [SMSL A300 165W*2 BTL Mode BT 5.0 Hi-res Power Amplifier]:Double the power, double the clarity with the SMSL A300 – Pair two for BTL mode and experience 165W*2 of Hi-res audio amplified to perfection, now with seamless BT 5.0 connectivity. Have 15% off


🔊 Portable Audio Decoders & Music Player- High-quality sound on the go.


🌟 Top Picks:


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