Unleashing HiFi Excellence: A Comprehensive Review of the SMSL A200 Power Amplifier

For over a decade, SMSL has been at the forefront of crafting innovative HiFi audio solutions, embodying a steadfast commitment to excellence in design, component selection, and construction. However, in an ever-evolving technological landscape, adaptation is imperative to remain relevant.

Enter the SMSL A200, a testament to SMSL 's evolution and unwavering commitment to core values. As the newest addition to SMSL's  product lineup, the A200 represents a significant step forward, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with SMSL trademark dedication to quality.

With the SMSL A200, SMSL embraces the changing HiFi landscape by introducing an all-in-one power amplifier that redefines versatility and performance. Boasting advanced features such as Hi-Res audio support, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and HDMI ARC compatibility, the SMSL A200 offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility without compromising on sound quality.


The SMSL A200 is a compact and lightweight unit, weighing in at just 1.07kg. Despite its small size, the A200 exudes a high-end feel with its sleek, modern design. The front panel features two elegant analog VU meters, adding a touch of retro charm while providing real-time monitoring of the audio output. The minimalist digital display is clear and easy to read, showing input mode and volume levels. The build quality is robust, with a sturdy construction that feels durable and reliable. The A200’s compact dimensions (180x47x171mm) make it an excellent choice for any setup, whether on a desktop or integrated into a larger audio system. Its lightweight nature and small footprint ensure it can be placed virtually anywhere without dominating your space, offering flexibility in placement and ease of integration into various environments.

The package includes power plugs, a Bluetooth antenna, a USB cable, a remote control, and a warranty card. The SMSL A200 supports a range of digital inputs including Bluetooth, USB, HDMI (ARC), optical, coaxial, and line-in. This extensive array of input options ensures compatibility with a wide variety of audio sources, providing versatile connectivity for all your audio needs. For outputs, the A200 offers both main channel and subwoofer connections, ensuring seamless integration with your existing audio setup. The included remote control enhances usability, allowing for easy operation from a distance, while the Bluetooth antenna ensures stable wireless connectivity.


As an all-in-one unit, the SMSL A200 is impressively capable, boasting a maximum power output of 70W x 2 for the main channels and 100W for the subwoofer. This power is more than sufficient for a wide range of bookshelf and floorstanding speakers. The A200 delivers an energetic bass response, a clear and airy upper end, and a midrange that comes to life with rich, full, detailed sound. The solid imaging presentation makes for an engaging listening experience. Even with lower quality streams from services like Spotify, the SMSL A200 manages to produce a lifelike and immersive sound.

Running the A200 through a series of reference tracks, it exhibited all the key characteristics audiophiles seek: a visceral physical weight to deep bass hits with tracks like Daft Punk's, a spacious stage and emotional guitar performance with Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon," and a vivid "close your eyes and you're in a jazz club" sensation with John Coltrane's "Blue Train."

A standout moment came when I listened to Angie Haze's "Beneath the Dirt," a minimalist track driven by its vocal arrangement. The combination of the A200 and MartinLogan speakers brought an unexpected intensity and realism to the vocals, providing a "hair on the back of your neck standing up" experience. This moment highlighted the A200's ability to deliver a powerful and emotionally engaging performance, making it a remarkable addition to any HiFi setup.


The SMSL A200 isn't a revolutionary or wholly unique product, but it exemplifies SMSL's commitment to excellence in the fundamentals of performance and design while adapting to the evolving HiFi landscape. At $269, the A200 offers an impressive combination of features, allowing users to plug in and add speakers for instant HiFi enjoyment. Its amplifier performance can easily complement high-end components, making the A200 an excellent choice for those just starting out in 2-channel HiFi or looking to add a versatile digital component to an existing analog system.


Unleashing HiFi Excellence: A Comprehensive Review of the SMSL A200 Power Amplifier
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