New arrival: the SMSL AO200 MKII Power AMP with 160Wx2 (4Ω)

SMSL AO200 MKII upgraded from SMSL AO200.

The latest SMSL AO200 MKII is upgraded from SMSL AO200. Compared with the original AO200 (2*German Infineon's MA12070 power amplifier chip), the new German Infineon's MA5332MS AMP Chip is now used to make the performance more excellent. The output power is 90W*2 (4Ω) from the original AO200 increased to 160Wx2 (4Ω) of AO200 MKII.

SMSL AO200 MKII digital AMP
With 160Wx2 (4Ω) and 85Wx2 (8Ω), the SMSL AO200 MKII delivers robust and dynamic sound reproduction. This increasedpower capability ensures ample headroom for driving demanding speakers and delivers a more immersive listening experience.
The following is the performance comparison table of the two products, you can understand the product details in a simple and clear way.

Comparison table of AO200 & SMSL AO200 MKII

AMP chip
Infineon's MA12070
Infineon's MA5332MS
volume control chip
The balanced design
Built-in SMSL SDB sound
Subwoofer pre out for 2.1 system
Color LCD display
Built-in power supply
Perfect protection circuit
Low power standby function 
Output Power
up to 160W*2(4Ω)


SMSL AO200 MKII has a wealth of input and output

Which can be used with a variety of equipment in home audio-visual systems

Input: XLR/RCA / Bluetooth / USB

Can used XLR input with the TV/CD/DVD/Music player/DAC Or USB input with Desktop/Laptop PC, can also input the audio source to the SMSL AO200 MKII through the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone.

Output:Speaker output/Subwoofer output

In addition to the usual speaker connections, a subwoofer can also be connected. Subwoofer Pre Output function: With subwoofer signal pre-out, easy to connect the active subwoofer to form a 2.1 system.

What's in the Box of AO200 mkII


What's in the Box of SMSL AO200 MKII?

  • SMSL AO200 MK2
  • Bluetooth antenna
  • EU/US/UK/AU/JP Cable plug(Matching plugs according to your country)
  • USB Cable
  • Remote Control
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
New arrival: the SMSL AO200 MKII Power AMP with 160Wx2 (4Ω)
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