SONCOZ Launched on HiFi Cat

HiFi Cat is extremely happy to announce that, as of today, HiFi Cat is the international retailer for the SONCOZ brand. SONCOZ is a premium manufacturer for desktop audio equipment; based in China.shenzhen.

The company's products have gained high acclamation and praise from audiophiles for their excellent performance at budget-friendly prices. Currently, the brand released Five products: Three products for the budget-friendly, Two products for the high-end Full balanced series.


Budget friendly Series: QXD1(DAC)+QXA1(Headphone amp)+LP1(Linear power supply)
  • Budget friendly Series: QXD1(DAC)+QXA1(Headphone amp)+LP1(Linear power supply)
  1. LA-QXD1 ES9038Q2M DAC with Balanced XLR Outputs
  2. QXA1 Headphone Amp & Pre Amp
  3. LP1 Ultra-low Linear Power Supply


  • High-end full balanced Series: SGD1(DAC)+SGA1(Full balanced amp)
  1. SGD1 Hi-Res Dual ES9038Q2M Balanced DAC
  2. SGA1 fully balanced earphone amp & 600ohm Pre-amp



Up-and-coming designer brand, the founder of the original in the field of consumer electronics, advocating the concept of minimalist life, products for a full range of hifi home audio system equipment services. Extremely polished each product, because each product is the only irreplaceable, the future plans to develop speaker,subwoofer, amplifier and cables to a complete home hifi theater system. 

SONCOZ Shenzhen technology Co., Ltd., is a premium desktop audio gear brand founded recently in march 2019. The brand focuses primarily on the research and development of high-quality audio and visual equipment including audio decoders and headphone amplifiers. They entered into the international market with a high-quality Desktop DAC system(LA-QXD1) that instantly became a favorite for many audio lovers for its quality performance and affordable price for a fully balanced DAC device. Applying the minimalist life concept to the design, the ideal is to develop the whole home audio system products. Taking the small audio machine as the starting point, power amplifier, audio and earphone systems will be developed in the future.



Soncoz LA-QXD1 is a DAC made by the ESS038Q2m, is a very cost effective choice at only $269.90

CNC shell machining of all aluminum body shows its metal charm and surface anodizing gives an extremely fine feel.
QXD1 integrates USB-B,Toslink,Coaxial inputs and digital Coaxial output. Analog output includes a standard fully balanced XLR and a single-ended RCA.

QXD1 uses the universal Type-C interface for power supply. Users can choose an adapter or a power bank to ​power it.

SONCOZ QXD1 Specifications 

Dimensions: 149.3 mm(W) 87 mm(D) 37 mm(H) 
Weight: ​500 g
​Color: Deep Black / Space Gray
Power input: ​DC 5 V @ 1 A
 Power consumption: ​< 4 W
Signal input: USB-B / Toslink / RCA Coaxial
Digital output: ​RCA Coaxial
 Line out: XLR / RCA
 RCA: Coaxial input  ​
Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz XLR / RCA (±0.18 dB)
Dynamic range(DNR): A-W XLR > 122 dB; RCA > 122dB 
Signal noise ratio(SNR):​:​ A-W XLR > 121  dB; RCA > 121 dB 
THD+N: 1 kHz XLR / RCA < 0.00014% (-117 dB)
Crosstalk: 1 kHz XLR > 133 dB; RCA > 130 dB
Output voltage:​ XLR 4.0 V;   ​RCA 2.0 V  ​​
​Output impedance: XLR 200 Ω ; RCA 100  Ω 
Noise floor modulation: 4.3 μVrms  


QXA1 Headphone Amp & Pre Amp

QXA1 is the perfect companion of QXD1 DAC, they not only have similar performance and appearance, but also are the gold combination of DAC&HPA.

QXA1 supports freely selected balanced(XLR) or single-ended(RCA) analog inputs and PRE single-ended(RCA) analog outputs. 

QXA1 supports HPA balanced(BAL: 4-Pin XLR) and single-ended(SE: 6.35mm) analog outputs.​
SONCOZ Launched on HiFi Cat
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