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Divinus Velvet Silicone Nozzle Size 3-5mm Earphones Ear Tips

Divinus Velvet Silicone Nozzle Size 3-5mm Earphones Ear Tips

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Divinus Velvet Silicone Ear Tips: Elevate Your Listening Experience


  • Smooth and Deep Textured Finish: Experience a smooth, textured finish that enhances your comfort and listening pleasure.

  • High-Quality Soft Velvet Texture Finish: Crafted with a high-quality soft velvet texture for a delicate and luxurious feel.

  • High-Pressure Matte Coating: The high-pressure matte coating adds a velvety smooth finish to the ear tips.

  • Soft Dust-free Design: Designed with a soft, dust-free material to keep your ear tips clean and maintain hygiene.

  • Low-pressure Buildup Design: Experience low-pressure buildup for extended comfort during prolonged use.

  • Wide Stem Mouth Enhances Sound Performance: The wide stem mouth is designed to enhance sound performance, delivering an immersive audio experience.

  • Increased Stability With Oval Shape Design: The oval shape provides increased stability, ensuring a secure fit for your earbuds or in-ear monitors.

  • Available in 5 Different Sizes: Choose the perfect fit with five different sizes (S, MS, M, ML, L) to suit your preferences.

Introducing Divinus Velvet Ear Tips:

We proudly present the award-winning DIVINUS Velvet ear tips, specially crafted to redefine your audio experience. These ear tips feature a smooth textured finish, ensuring optimal comfort and performance. The oval-shaped design and low-pressure buildup make them an ideal choice for extended listening sessions.

Smoothest Ever Eartips:

Experience unparalleled smoothness with Divinus Velvet ear tips. The velvet-like finish provides a soft and delicate touch, making them the smoothest choice for your ears. The matte surface ensures easy cleaning and an incredibly satisfying wearing experience.

Micro-Embossing Textured Finish:

Developed over three years, Divinus Velvet ear tips boast a soft velvety texture with a matte-finished micro-embossed design. Unlike standard silicone tips, these ear tips offer superior comfort, making them perfect for extended wear.

Great Comfort With Pressure Release Vent:

The micro-embossed design includes a pressure release vent that allows air to escape slowly, providing a comfortable fit and releasing pressure on your eardrums. Enjoy your favorite melodies with unmatched comfort.

Available in Five Different Sizes:

Choose from five different sizes (S, MS, M, ML, L) to find the perfect fit for your ears. With a nozzle diameter of 3 to 5mm, these ear tips are compatible with a range of in-ear monitors.


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