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LUSYAHiFi Latest F.Audio FA4 HIFI DSD lossless USB DAC decoding Bluetooth two-way dual ES9038Q2M Balanced output mp3 Player

LUSYAHiFi Latest F.Audio FA4 HIFI DSD lossless USB DAC decoding Bluetooth two-way dual ES9038Q2M Balanced output mp3 Player

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Product parameter information

Model: FA4

Product weight: 230g

High and low gain: low 4DB/high 6DB B

Screen size: 2.4 TFT

Product size: 10.6*5.8*1.68CM

Battery capacity: 4000M A

Charging time: about 4.5H (recommended charger ≥2A)

Battery life: high gain about 14 hours / low gain about 16 hours

Balanced output power: low gain about 390MW/high gain about 460Mw Single-ended output power: low gain about 280MW/high gain about 350MW

Precautions for use:

1. If the memory card cannot be read directly, please format it on the computer;

2. Samsung white card 130MB/s, 64-256G is recommended; capacity greater than or equal to 64GB = exFAT, less than 32GB = FAT32; allocation unit select 64KB;

3. For high-speed cards, all memory speeds can be set to ON in the system settings;


General operating instructions

1. The left and right sides of FA4 are the menu or music list page turning; the volume up and down is up and down;

2. Long press the back button to cut

Go to the main menu + play preview (approximate information will be displayed when playing)

3. Long press the OK button (middle button) to enter the black screen mode; if you need to change the song in the black screen mode, turn it on in the system settings;

4. Long press the power button to reset;


Bluetooth transmitter operation instructions:

Make sure the Bluetooth headset is set to pairing mode; and disconnect the headset from the previously connected mobile device;

Then go to System Settings--Bluetooth Transmission--Bluetooth Scan, find the headset, click the headset name, and the connection will be automatically completed;


Bluetooth receiving and decoding operation instructions:

1. FA4 system settings - "Bluetooth transmission - "Bluetooth switch to Off

2. FA4 returns to the main interface, finds the Bluetooth decoding, and confirms

3. Turn on the Bluetooth search on the mobile phone, pair it after F.AUDIO (BT) appears, and connect it. When the Bluetooth of the mobile phone displays "Connected audio for media", it can be done.

4. Find any music software on the mobile phone to start playing and you can listen to it from the lunch box


The relay will work once under the following conditions;

1. Power on

2. Shut down

3. Bluetooth code when receiving a signal

4. Switch between high and low gain

5. When switching between DSD and PCM music

6. When switching between different samples

7. Restore factory settings;

When the hard decoding relay is working, there will be a "click" sound, which is normal;


What is the highest specification supported by USBDAC?

Support exclusive, support dop=up to DSD256, support native=unlimited, mainly depends on the app, currently Haibei only supports DSD512, so we can only support DSD512


Firmware and electronic file manual, demo video link, XMOS third-party driver for PC:

Extraction code: 6666



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Real china shit

Lot of fantastic specs, dont spent money on this piece of shit.
Every time a maessage of microcd corrupt, well this thing is really corrupt. All microcd cards worked in other players. So the shit F.Audio fa4 is now in the garbage

F.Audio FA4

Nice player, but where is the site for updates. They say there is has a touch screen but no