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XDUOO LINK2 BAL USB DAC &Portable Decoding amp

XDUOO LINK2 BAL USB DAC &Portable Decoding amp

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Model: LINK2 BAL

DAC chip: CS43131*2

Input port: Type-C USB

Output port: 3.5mm + 4. 4mm balanced

Output Power: 3.5mm: 125W@32Ω; 4. 4mm balanced: 270W@32Ω

Sample rate support: PCM: 16-32Bit/44.1-384kHz; DSD: DSD64-256

Frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz(±0.5dB)

THD+N: 0.001%1kHz (3.5mm headphone AMP); 0.0007%1kHz (4.4mm headphone AMP)

SNR: 123dB (3.5mm headphone AMP); 123dB (4.4mm headphone AMP)

Crosstalk: 3.5mm output: >77dB; 4.4mm balanced output: >120dB

Weight: 28g

Size: 63mm*23.5mm*13mm



  • 270mW output power

  • 3.5mm, 4.4mm balanced output

  • CS43431*2

  • SNR 127dB

  • DSD256

  • High power amp chip

  • Replaceable USB cable

  • Multimedia optimization

  • 1.0/2.0 two UAC mode


Still high power output, more suitable for dynamic headphones


The driver power is bigger than many professional players

  • Links Bal: unbalanced 125mW@32Ω, balanced 270mW@32Ω

  • WM1Z: unbalanced 34mW@32Ω

  • WM1A: balanced 34mW@32Ω

  • 505: unbalanced 50mW@32Ω, balanced 200mW@32Ω

  • *The player output power data comes from third-party actual measurement.


Maximize the potential of dynamic headphones


Tie-in . Compare with some headphone parameters

IE800S: 20mW@16Ω(1kHz)

Z1R: 50mW@40Ω(1kHz)

IE900: 32mW@16Ω(1kHz)

Xelento: 10mW@16Ω(500Hz)

N3AP: 20mW@16Ω(1kHz)

ER4SR: 159mW@45Ω(1kHz)

*Minimum driving power requirements are calculated only for 1kHz/500Hz sensitivity.

*The above data is for reference only.



3.5mm + 4.4mm balanced dual headphone output

  • Link2 Bal has 4.4mm balanced output and 3.5mm unbalanced output, no need for adapters even if you have a variety of headphones.



Independent amp circuit, bigger output power

  • Using the TI LM27762 chip with a conversion efficiency of more than 85%, it provides ultra-low noise electricity, and the current output of up to 250mA is used to power the amp circuit, thus providing high precision and large output current drive capability to ensure dynamic output and restore the sense of hearing.



Low noise, low distortion

  • Link2 Bal uses two CS43131 as DAC chips, the chip S/N is130dB, and the unit S/N is 127dB to ensure a clean and clear sound, rejecting noise and interference, and the decoding chip, amp, and digital receiving chip are all powered separately to further reduce Distortion and noise floor of the output.



High SNR

  • The SNR up to 127dB, with most earphones, you don’t have to worry about the existence of background noise.

*The earphone sensitivity is expressed in dB/mW.



High resolution, more brilliant with high-quality headphones

  • *Ordinary mobile phones can only decode 16Bit/48kHz audio.

  • *LINK2 BAL supports up to PCM 32Bit/384kHz and native DSD256.



Dual DAC chips, true balanced architecture

  • Link2 Bal adopts two DAC chips, which each channel has better decoding performance and high resolution, which greatly improves the sense of hearing. The true balance circuit architecture.



Recommended by senior music fans

  • Optimized for popular earphones, such as matching Xelento, IE800 and other earphones, there are surprises.



Mainstream multimedia platform professional audio player


  • Multi-platform or scenario application

  • Computer, tablet, iPhone, Android, switch.



PC audio full leap

  • *4.4 balanced output, overall sound quality improvement.

  • *270mW larger driving power, release the potential of earphone.

  • *127dB higher SNR, cleaner music background.

  • *Professional audio DAC chip, hardware decoding lossless quality music.



Mobile multimedia optimization

  • *Professional sound card design

  • *Optimize the audio and video APP experience, listen to songs and watch videos with good sound quality.



Playing on the Switch can hear better sound quality

  • *UAC1.0 mode, compatible with Switch and PS series game consoles.

  • *127dB higher SNR, immersive experience game atmosphere.

  • *4.4mm balanced output, overall sound quality improvement.



High-end workmanship and quality



Appearance and detail

  • 2.5D double-sided glass, the whole body CNC process, no seams, no screws on the surface of the body, beautiful and elegant.



Process upgrade, detail improvement

  • The surrounding surface is sandblasted, oxidized and colored, with a simple appearance and a delicate feel. The Type-C wiring port is tightly fitted and does not leak duct.



The color of the LED

  • It will change according to the sampling rate of the song.



Red LED color

  • Format: PCM

  • Sampling rate: 48k/44.1kHz



Blue LED color

  • Format: PCM

  • Sampling rate: 88.2k-384kHz



Green LED color

  • Format: DSD

  • Sampling rate: 64-256(DoP-NATIVE)





  • Type-C to Type-C cable

  • Type-C to Lighting cable

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