THE BEST PORTABLE HEADPHONE AMPS & DACS of 2023. How to choose the right Portable DAC for your phones from 15.99$-149$?

Best Portable DAC of 2023. this is a vedio about How to choose the right Portable DAC for your phones from 15.99$-149$?


Recommended from the following products:

MUSE HIFI M1 Type-C to 3.5mm $15.99: 

MUSE HIFI M1 Type-C to 3.5mm
Price: Offers excellent value for the price 15.99-19.99$

Pros: Cheap, Compact Structure
Rich glossy metallic finish.
Smooth and clean sound.
good level of dynamics with IEMs.
Cons: - Power limited for more demanding partners
- No volume adjuster
-No DSD support.
-only have the Type-c choice

Generally, headphones with a 3.5mm headphone jack tend to offer better sound quality. They can often address background noise issues, and if there are still noise problems, it may be attributed to the phone itself. The M1 model is known for its balanced sound and is generally capable of driving headphones priced at $60 or below.But this only have the the Type-c choice

As for why we don't recommend Jcally, it is primarily due to their poor after-sales service and uncooperative attitude. We have received customer complaints about their lack of responsiveness and unhelpful support.

Audirect ATOM3 ESS9280 AC Pro Portable DAC $42.99


-Cheap, Exquisite exterior design
-DSD support,indicators will change according to the Rate
-Smooth and clean sound.
-good level of dynamics with IEMs.
- No volume adjuster

This portable DAC utilizes the ESS9280pro decoding chip, supporting a maximum PCM resolution of 768kHz/DSD512 hardware decoding. Audirect is a dedicated manufacturer specializing in portable DACs.

The device features a full-metal casing with a finely cut surface. On one side, it is engraved with "Atom 3," while the other side bears the lowercase "audirect" logo. The smooth metal finish offers a slight anti-slip effect.

Beneath the 3.5mm headphone jack, there is an LED light that changes color based on the decoding music format and sampling rate. The device incorporates high-quality Panasonic capacitors and a low-power management chipset.

However, please note that the Atom3 Type C version does not support iPad Air 5th generation. Additionally, the ATOM3 requires headphones to be plugged in for it to function, as it features automatic detection of headphone impedance.

In terms of sound quality, the device offers a balanced representation across the three frequency ranges. The mid-range is slightly emphasized, but even when using high-sensitivity balanced-armature earphones, the performance remains consistent. There is no harshness or excessive emphasis on the high frequencies, ensuring a pleasant listening experience. However, the high-frequency extension of the ATOM3 is slightly weaker. It pairs well with headphones that have abundant low-frequency response, making it a suitable choice.

7HZ 71 Mobile DAC $35

- Ample power even to drive hard stuffs
- Great technicalities
- Very efficient with portable power draw
- Does not heat up easily
- Ultralight
- Non detachable USB C Cable
- Slightly lacking with air in Treble transients
- No volume adjuster
- Lacking advanced features (not really bothering me)

SEVENHERTZ 71 is a non-detachable USB-C ribbon cable for connecting the dongle to a source device.It has a Neutral and natural sound,Organic near analogue tone and timbre balance,and it have Highly resolving with a Silent background.The SEVENHERTZ 71’s I/O is as simple as they come. The unit does not have any external volume controls, gain switches, or buttons.
The USB-C male connector at the end of the attached ribbon cable is its sole input, whilst the 3.5mm SE out on the bottom of the metal housing is its sole output.
It is also important to note that the SEVENHERTZ 71 is compatible with iOS devices, however, it would necessitate the purchase of an additional USB-C to lightning adapter.
Additionally, there is an LED that shines blue when playing PCM content and shines amber when playing DSD content.
The SEVENHERTZ 71 is compatible with devices running Android 5.1 or newer. In some phones such as my Realme GT Master, you may need to manually turn on the OTG connection setting when plugging in the device.
One of the main things that stand out with the SEVENHERTZ 71 is its excellent dynamics for the price.and the sound is warmmer.


 Pros: -
- stable,Balanced and neutral
- Technically competent
- Organic timbre
- TONS of usable and useful features
- Superb premium build (all metal)
- Ample power
- True 2 Vrms Line Out AUX
Cons: -
- The heaviest DAC/Amp ,has 59g
- Struggle a bit with complex high frequency decays
- Not for fans of bright sound

The fourth is the MUSEHIFI M3 ES9838Q2M DAC, suitable for customers with sound quality requirements
M3 came fully loaded with tons of features,it has 7 sound filters are functional and interesting to explore. Extensive compatibility, lightweight and portable, intuitive controls.A solid choice for those seeking a harmonious audio experience. Possible with the implementation of a very well established ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M, which is the staple of ESS DAC that has proven quite successful over the years.The use of ES9038Q2M makes this product very stable. It is generally neutral and well balanced.Mature, Smooth and Neutral tuning,Technically competent,Organic timbre.M3 also comes with a type-c and a lighting cable, which is a relatively high adaptability choice. If you don't like it, you can also buy the ddhifi cable.

It also will have a new M3 upgraded version on next month, which is used the CS43131.can look forward to it.

For a similar price range, if you prefer a slightly warmer sound, you can consider the Shanling UA3. It offers extensive compatibility, is lightweight and portable, and has intuitive controls. The device allows for convenient volume adjustment directly, conserves power, and provides 100 levels of volume control. It is particularly suitable for IEMs with emphasis on vocal performance.

XDUOO Link2 Bal Max $149

 The xDuoo LINK 2 Bal Max is updated from Link 2 Bal portable USB DAC/AMP.
On the top of the unit, you have the USB-C input, at the bottom you have both the 3.5mm and 4.4mm output.On the inside we find dual CS 43131 DAC chips and an independent amp circuit with a TI LM27762 chip, providing ultra low noise (127dB), and a much lower THD+N compared to the original Link2.
The xDuoo Link2 Bal DAC/AMP dongle is super versatile. It is built to be used with all kinds of sources such as phones, computers, gaming consoles, etc. To make that possible it even has two UAC modes where USB 1 is for Switch & Play station.This also comes with a type-c and a lighting cable,and a A USB-C to USB-A adapter.


Comparison table of all portable DAC:

Protable DAC chooice

Recently, a recommended headphone pairing is the 7HZ TIMELESS AE Planar In-Ear Monitor Special Edition with a balanced sound and impressive quality. As for portable DACs priced above $200, no specific recommendations have been made since it is not necessary to purchase such high-priced options.

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THE BEST PORTABLE HEADPHONE AMPS & DACS of 2023. How to choose the right Portable DAC for your phones from 15.99$-149$?
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