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ONIX Alpha XI1 Protable USB DAC AMP Headphone Amplifier 2* CS43198 2* SGM8262-2

ONIX Alpha XI1 Protable USB DAC AMP Headphone Amplifier 2* CS43198 2* SGM8262-2

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ONIX Alpha XI1 Portable USB DAC AMP Headphone Amplifier

Detailed Explanation of Product Technical Points

The ONIX Alpha XI1 is a high-end portable USB DAC AMP headphone amplifier designed to deliver superior sound quality and user-friendly features. Below are the detailed technical points and features of the Alpha XI1:

Key Features

  • Dual CS43198 Chips: Utilizes two Cirrus Logic CS43198 DACs with a dynamic range of up to 130dB and THD+N of -115dB for exceptional sound quality.
  • Physical Buttons + Screen Display + LED Light: Equipped with an OLED screen and a ring LED light for real-time information display and function settings, with three physical buttons for easy configuration.
  • Dual Independent Headphone Amplifier Chips: Features dual SGM8262-2 amplifiers for fully balanced amplification, providing up to 180mW@32Ω single-ended and 500mW@32Ω balanced output.
  • Single-Ended + Balanced Outputs: Offers 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced outputs with high/low gain settings to suit various earplug products.
  • Supports PCM 768kHz/32bit and DSD256: Capable of decoding high-resolution audio formats up to PCM 768kHz and DSD256.
  • Switch Compatibility: Can be used as an external decoding headphone amplifier for Switch for an immersive gaming experience.
  • APP Personalization Settings: Controlled via the Eddict Player APP for fine-tuning volume, filtering, gain, and power-saving modes.
  • Replaceable Line Design: Standard high-purity oxygen-free copper wire for purer signal transmission, with cable-replaceable structure for compatibility with multiple devices.
  • Intelligent Power-Saving Technology: ONIX's self-developed technology reduces power consumption and heat, with standby mode and play mode for lower power usage.

Technical Specifications

  • Dynamic Range: 130dB
  • THD+N: -115dB
  • Output Power (Single-Ended): 180mW@32Ω
  • Output Power (Balanced): 500mW@32Ω
  • Supported Formats: PCM 768kHz/32bit, DSD256
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm single-ended, 4.4mm balanced, USB Type-C
  • Compatibility: Apple, Android, PC, Switch

Usage Instructions

  • Windows Systems: Download and install the UA series driver from the official website for the best audio experience.
  • Power-Saving Function: Can be enabled via the APP for reduced power consumption and heat.

Detailed explanation of product technical points
1. Dual CS43198 chips, with extremely high acoustic indicators
Alpha uses two Cirrus Logic CS43198 DACs. This model of DAC is famous in the industry for its high specifications, with a dynamic range of up to 130dB and a theoretical total harmonic distortion (THD+N) of 115dB.

2. Physical buttons + screen display + LED light, multiple settings are easy to master.
① In the display part, Alpha is equipped with an OLED screen and a ring LED light. The screen can display real-time information such as sampling rate, filtering, gain, etc., and can realize function settings; the OLED ring light supports song format and sampling rate indication.
② There are three physical buttons, a multi-function button and a volume up/down button, which can configure all Alpha settings.

3. Dual independent headphone amplifier chips added, with higher output
Alpha uses dual SGM8262-2 amplifiers to achieve fully balanced amplification. The addition of dual op amp chips makes Alpha's sound thicker, more dynamic and tense, with output power up to 180mW@32Ω single-ended and 500mW@32Ω balanced.

4. Supports single-ended + balanced, two-speed gain, suitable for most earplug products on the market
Alpha has 3.5 single-ended + 4.4 balanced dual interfaces with high/low gain settings, which can adapt to the needs of more users on the market today.

5. Support PCM768kHz/32bit, DSD256 high specification decoding
Alpha supports PCM full format decoding, up to 768kHz, and also supports special sampling rate files such as 32/64/128/256, and DSD up to DSD256.

6. Supports Switch use for a stronger gaming experience
Alpha can be used as an external decoding headphone amplifier for Switch, allowing you to play games and get an immersive experience.
* For Windows systems, it is recommended to download and install the UA series driver from the official website to obtain the best audio experience.

7. APP personalization settings
It can be controlled through the Eddict Player APP, which not only allows you to fine-tune the volume, but also perform filtering, high and low gain, and set power-saving modes.

8. Replaceable line design, supports multiple devices and upgrades
Alpha comes standard with high-purity oxygen-free copper wire for purer signal transmission. The cable-replaceable structure can be widely adapted to Apple/Android/PC devices on the market, enabling use in multiple scenarios and multiple devices. In addition to adaptability, sound quality can also be optimized through subsequent cable upgrades.

9. Intelligent power-saving technology, lower power consumption and less heat, reducing battery anxiety and making travel worry-free
Alpha is equipped with ONIX's self-developed power-saving technology, which can intelligently and dynamically adjust internal working conditions, effectively reduce power consumption, achieve lower power consumption on the front end, and lower body heat.
Depending on the working conditions, Alpha has standby mode (no play when plugged in) and play mode (normal use). Compared with similar products, Alpha's standby power consumption is only 35% and playback power consumption is only 60%.
*To ensure compatibility, this function is turned off by default at the factory and can be turned on through the APP.

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Stephen King

This DAC brought all my IEM’s to life..highly recommended punches well above its class…easy recommendation…