BGVP new Hybrid In-ear Earphone: DMA Bone Conduction Armature 1DD+2BA+2BCD

Sensitivity: ≥106dB SPL/MW

Driver Configuration:
Sonion BA (2300 series) * 1
Knowles BA (RAD series) * 1
9.2mm nickel-plated DD * 1
Sonion Bone Conduction Driver * 2
Input Impedance: 17Ω

Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-40kHz

Distortion Rate: <1%

Channel Difference: ±1dB

Wire/Cable: 6N OCC Silver-Plated Cable

Rated Power: 179mW

Line Length: ±1.2m

Cavity Material: Resin + Aluminum alloy



The BGVP DMA, short for Dream Armature, introduces a groundbreaking 1DD+2BA+2BCD hybrid configuration that incorporates both bone conduction and air conduction technologies. This innovative design aims to enhance the listening experience by combining the strengths of both sound transmission methods.

Key Features:

  • Bone Conduction + Air Conduction: The combination of bone conduction and air conduction technologies aims to provide a real and wide sound field atmosphere, compensating for the frequency band loss that occurs during air transmission.
  • Double Cavity Four-way Frequency Structure: The front cavity features three acoustic ducts for independent sound production, minimizing interference between drivers. Metal acoustic damping is employed to ensure accurate frequency division and clean details. The back cavity includes an independent bone conduction shock hole for realistic sound field simulation.
  • Special Dynamic Driver: The dynamic driver incorporates a nickel vibration film with high temperature distribution, resulting in a thin nanoscale diaphragm. Nickel's properties, including hardness, high rigidity, fast heat conduction, and high specific elasticity, contribute to the driver's performance.
  • Ultimate Resin Front Cavity: Collaborating with 3D printing company HeyGears Technology, the front cavity uses advanced DLP-3D printing technology for high precision molding and mass production stability. The resin engineering material ensures impact resistance and durability.
  • Carefully Planned Color Scheme: The cover undergoes a 5-axis CNC engraving process, and the color scheme is meticulously designed, offering a personalized touch to the IEMs.
  • Personalized Customized Wearing Experience: Optimized ergonomic design based on thousands of earprints ensures a comfortable fit, minimizing discomfort during long-term wear.
  • Must-Have Cables for High-End Gamers: The IEMs come with a standard high-purity four-strand 6N single crystal copper silver-plated cable, designed to reduce distortion and signal transmission loss. The cable's outer cover is made of transparent TPU environmentally friendly material for improved aesthetics and durability.
  • Interchangeable 2-In-1 Plug: Equipped with snap-on replaceable plugs in 3.5mm and 4.4mm specifications, allowing users to freely match audio plugs with different audio equipment interfaces.

The BGVP DMA represents a bold exploration of technology boundaries, offering a unique combination of drivers and advanced features for an enhanced audio experience.

BGVP new Hybrid In-ear Earphone: DMA Bone Conduction Armature 1DD+2BA+2BCD
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