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In any hobby, navigating prices and seeking out the best value purchase can be incredibly challenging. Oftentimes, this can make a flagship, top-of-the-line product enticing with the expectation of getting the "end-all be-all" product, commonly known as achieving “endgame.” But what’s the price of entry for such a product? That often depends on the buyer, with some willing to shell out major cash to reach the top, and others being satisfied with a lower, more mid-tier purchase. For the latter, Elysian Acoustics Pilgrim presents a compelling case to be their apex IEM at $399 for its balanced sound signature and captivating aesthetics.

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Elysian Acoustic Labs Pilgrim 1 LSR DD+3 Sonion BA Hybrid In-Ear Monitors Earphones - The HiFi Cat

The Pilgrim lures you in immediately with its packaging. It's well-branded and pleasing to the eye with a minimal look that's both sharp and smart. Inside the box, you’re greeted with paperwork that details more about the Pilgrim, Elysian Acoustics’ other offerings, and the ability for the paperwork to unfold into an almost poster-like design. It's a fun idea and gives an extra element of intention inside the total package. The travel case included continues the rather simple and somewhat industrial aesthetic that Elysian Acoustics has accomplished. There's included eartips, of course, that rounds out a rather well-pieced-together package presented by Elysian Acoustics.


The Pilgrim IEM's design takes inspiration from the serene topography of knolls, with each subtle and purposeful tier mirroring the gentle, rolling hills. Every meticulously crafted step in its design is intentional, echoing the pilgrim's initial Elysian journey—a path through valleys and peaks in the relentless pursuit of enlightenment.

As for the IEMs themselves, the Pilgrim’s shell is crafted from 304 Stainless Steel with a sleek finish, providing robust protection for the internal components. This premium build quality ensures durability while maintaining an elegant and refined look. The transparent internal cavity chamber, created using precise 3D printing technology, allows you to see the intricate acoustic design inside, adding to its aesthetic appeal.


The Elysian Acoustics Pilgrim walks a fine line between technically resolving and tonally pleasing, making for a thoughtful but engaging listen that boasts incredible note weight and a very rich and full sound signature.

The Pilgrim is not a bass-head IEM, and for those looking for an overpowering bass, it simply is not. However, this doesn’t mean it has a weak or bland low end. Instead, it delivers a very weighty and more sub-bass-focused low end that never overpowers or encroaches upon other frequencies. You won’t find mid-bass with a vicious slam or hit; rather, the Pilgrim offers a more tightly focused impact with a slight sub-bass rumble. The bass response of the Pilgrim aids in balancing a set that is primarily technically gifted but also knows how to have fun at the right moments. Most listeners won’t be blown away by the quantity of low end but will stay for the pure quality that the Pilgrim's bass response provides.

The Pilgrim's midrange is sweet and charming, prominent and polished. In the lower mids, pianos are characterized with incredible tone weight that truly enthralls when listening to piano-centric tracks. It accurately portrays the subtleties of how lightly or hard a key is pressed. For instance, in Samuel Kees’ “Arbor,” each note captures a different sense of presence and feel. The upper midrange is where the Pilgrim truly shines, particularly with vocals, demonstrating a rare ability to place vocals more forward in the mix without them becoming shouty or shrill. This brings tracks such as “Gila Monster” by King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard to a whole new level of immersive experience, with well-captured and centralized vocals that allow for deeper engagement and emotional connection with the music.

The Elysian Acoustics Pilgrim elevates your listening experience by combining technical precision with musicality, ensuring that every note is delivered with clarity and richness.

Purchase the Elysian Acoustics Pilgrim Here

Elysian Acoustic Labs Pilgrim Review - BALANCED
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