New: Angelears & JUZEAR FLAME 1DD+4BA In Ear Earphone Monitor Headphone

Introducing the Angelears & JUZEAR FLAME 1DD+4BA In Ear Earphone Monitor Headphone. It's crafted with a combination of 1 dynamic driver, 4 balanced armature drivers, and detachable cables for a high-fidelity sound experience with a clarity and distinction that is unmatched. Enjoy a sound signature that offers a perfect balance of treble, mids, and bass, delivered with precision and power.

Introduction of JUZEAR brand

 The JUZEAR series is an independent brand dedicatedby Jiangyin. Its purpose is to be the brand that the burn-ing friends like. The workmanship, materials, listeningsense, and cost performance are all striving to live up tothe time without regret, and forge ahead without forget-ting the original intention.
JUZEAR FLAME adopts high-precision 3D printing tech-nology, adopts single-side l dynamic coil 4 dynamic ironunits, three frequency division and three sound holes.After many adjustments and calibrations by profession-als, the 5 units have performed very well in sound fieldperformance, sound fullness, high, medium and low fre-quency details, dynamic output and transient response.Each pair of headphones is made by professional engi-neers,with good comfort and sound insulation. Thebright and lively pop, the quiet and happy folk songs,thenatural sound of the human voice, the magnificent clas-sical atmosphere, the wild rock and roll, and the jazzmelody, whether you are an enthusiast or a professionalmusician,can enjoy better hearing anytime and any-where.
Now and in the future, we will continue to provide youwith customized headset service and look forward toyour listening.

 JUZEAR FLAME 1DD+4BA In Ear Earphone Monitor Headphone


  1. High Reduction with Stable Medium Frequency Performance: The SONION 2300 unit, known for its rock-solid stability in medium frequencies, forms the foundation for achieving high reduction in audio quality.

  2. Customized High BA for Accurate and Transparent Sound: The customized high Balanced Armature (BA) unit delivers a transparent and warm reproduction of high and very high frequencies, resulting in not just analytical performance but also a more accurate representation of the music.

  3. Wide Frequency Response and Analytical Performance: The newly developed Low 10mm Dynamic unit, equipped with a new diaphragm and a two-way N50 magnetic circuit, combined with the alloy cavity, provides a wide frequency response and high analytical performance. This combination acts as the cornerstone for delivering high-quality audio experience.

  4. High Stability and Precision with 3D Printing Technology: The use of high stability and high-precision 3D printing technology ensures the structural integrity of the headset. Each component is meticulously hand-polished and polished, resulting in a warm and smooth finish for the entire earphone.

 These qualities make the JUZEAR FLAME 1DD+4BA In Ear Earphone Monitor Headphone an ideal choice for customers seeking high-quality and immersive audio.



New: Angelears & JUZEAR FLAME 1DD+4BA In Ear Earphone Monitor Headphone
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