New DUNU KIMA Dynamic Driver In Ear Equipped with the latest-generation DLC

DUNU KIMA 10mm DLC Dynamic Driver In Ear Earphones with Dual Cavity Air Flow Control Front, Zinc Alloy Shell Detachable Litz OCC Silver-plated Cable for Audiophile Musician Stage DJ


【10mm DLC Dual-Chambered Dynamic Driver】

With over 20 years of rich experience in the HiFI field, DUNU recently launched a new model-KIMA, a single dynamic driver earphone that features prominent structural design and premium quality. Equipped with the latest-generation DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) diaphragm, N52 neodymium magnetic circuit, and high-tension ultra-fine voice coil, complemented with professionally designed acoustic structure, KIMA reaches advanced sound performance that outperforms the majority

 DUNU KIMA 10mm DLC Dynamic Driver In Ear

【The Aesthetics of Asymmetry】

Dynamic is not only a word, here at DUNU we make it visually appreciable with a K-shaped asymmetry panel. KIMA could be the best practice and outcome of our pursuit for aesthetics of shadow and light. The Zinc-alloy shell is designed in a three-dimensional shape that reflects different metallic texture while in diverse angles and lights. KIMA is an earphone that embodies functionality and aesthetics

  DUNU KIMA 10mm DLC Dynamic Driver In Ear

Dual-Cavity Structure&Air Flow Control

The cavity is essential to the sound performance. KIMA features a professional dual-cavity structure that separate the driver to better control the reflection of sound signal in the cavity, thus a pure and natural performance is presented. Moreover, a micro-controller is adopted in the air holes of the front and rear chambers to create a unique air flow balanced micro-control system. This designed is approved after various research and simulation tests, so we are proud to introduce the new results to the community


4 Strands Silver-Plated OCC Stock Cable

A high-efficiency silver-plated OCC cable is chosen to match KIMA's top-grade sound performance. The cable is designed in Litz structure and insulated with an outer shielding to protect the signal from interference. With it, the sound is maximally restored to the original. Detachable feature also means more possibility of upgrading your IEM to next level, while extending the lifespan to some degree


Excellent Acoustic Performance

Performance speaks louder than words. With painstakingly adjustment and optimization, KIMA achieves a clean frequency performance with lower harmonic distortion. Innovative structural design and premium material all contribute to the natural and supple acoustic performance


Ergonomic Shape&Metallic Alloy Shell

In terms of comfort, KIMA excels the rest with custom shape. The shell is crafted with high-density metallic alloy that undergoes sophisticated processes such as fine carving, repairing, grinding etc. for a smooth finish. After special sandblasting procedure, the shell has a delicate and nicely textured in-hand feel

 DUNU KIMA 10mm DLC Dynamic Driver

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Model: KIMA

Driver configuration: 10mm Dual-Chambered Dynamic Driver with Diamond-Like Carbon(DLC)Diaphragm

Frequency response:5Hz-40kHz

Impedance: 32Ω at 1 kHz

Sensitivity:108+1 dB at 1kHz

Total harmonic distortion: <0.3%at1 kHz

Magnet assembly: N52 Neodymium magnet

Housing material:Low-resonance stainless steel

Nozzle material:gold-plated brass accents

Cable:4 corehigh purity silver-plated OCC cable

Cable length:1.2m+0.1m


Plug: 3.5mm TRS Single Ended

Net weight: 15 g

New DUNU KIMA Dynamic Driver In Ear Equipped with the latest-generation DLC
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