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Hidizs MP145 Ultra-large Planar Magnetic HiFi In-ear Monitors

Hidizs MP145 Ultra-large Planar Magnetic HiFi In-ear Monitors

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>Impedance: 30Ω.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-40kHz.

>Sensitivity: 104dB.

>Ultra-Low Distortion Performance: <0.05%.

>Weight: 19 grams approx.

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Hidizs MP145 Ultra-large Planar Magnetic HiFi In-ear Monitors


  • 14.5mm Ultra-large Planar Magnetic Driver:

    • Next Gen Customized Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs.
    • Ultra-Large 14.5mm Planar Magnetic Driver Unit.
  • Whale Tail & Rorqual Pleats Design Inspiration:

    • Aviation-Grade CNC Machined Aluminum Alloy Ear Shells.
  • Hidizs Pneumatic Sound Tuning Filter:

    • Three Replaceable Tuning Filters.
  • Target H-2019 Curve & Hidizs Style Professional Tuning:

    • Comfortable Ergonomics.
    • Solid Sound Profile.
  • Fully Symmetrical Magnetic Circuit:

    • High-purity silver-plated Single-Crystal Copper Cable.
    • Detachable 0.78mm 2-pin Connector Cable.
  • Hidden Bionic Breathing Holes:

    • 4.4mm and 3.5mm Termination Options.
  • 6N Silver-Plated Single-Crystal Copper Wire:

    • Hi-Res Certification.
  • Ergonomics Design with Comfortable Extended Wear:

    • Technical Information:-
      • Impedance: 30Ω.
      • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-40kHz.
      • Sensitivity: 104dB.
      • Ultra-Low Distortion Performance: <0.05%.
      • Weight: 19 grams approx.


The Hidizs MP145 introduces a groundbreaking planar magnetic driver IEM, featuring a custom ultra-large 14.5mm driver unit for an immersive listening experience. Crafted with precision, the aviation-grade CNC-machined aluminum alloy ear shells ensure both durability and comfort during extended wear.

Immersive Sound Symphony:

The MP145 boasts a next-gen 14.5mm planar magnetic driver that delivers a powerful low-end, clear midrange, and excellent treble performance. Revel in the premium sound quality characterized by rich clarity, low distortion, and exceptional technical capabilities.

CNC-Machined Metallic Alloy Ear Shells:

The specially crafted ear shells, CNC-machined from aluminum alloy, provide optimal space for the ultra-large planar driver unit. The design prioritizes comfort while accommodating the impressive audio technology within.

Adjustable Sound with Replaceable Tuning Nozzles:

The MP145 includes three sets of tuning nozzles with varying sound signatures—balanced, bass-focused, and treble-focused. Easily replaceable, these nozzles allow users to customize their listening experience according to their preferences.

Professional Sound Tuning:

Precision-tuned for excellence, the MP145 offers a clear full-frequency response, robust bass, and detailed, enhanced treble. The tuning complements various music genres, ensuring an exceptional audio experience.

High-Purity Stock Cable:

Experience remarkable audio with the high-purity stock cable, featuring silver-plated monocrystalline copper and universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. Users can choose between 3.5mm or 4.4mm plugs at the time of purchase.

Hidizs MP145 Customized Ultra-Large Planar HiFi In-ear Monitors

Discover the Hidizs MP145, a groundbreaking innovation that combines immersive sound and customization like never before in an In-ear Monitor (IEM). These are the world's first professional-grade HiFi In-ear Monitors, seamlessly blending the wonders of oceanic whale conservation with exceptional industrial design.

Unlock 9 Different Sound Styles in a Pair of HiFi IEMs

The Hidizs MP145 stands out in the world of in-ear monitors (IEMs) due to its high sensitivity, low distortion, and wide frequency response. With a sensitivity of 104dB and a 30Ω impedance, it's easy to drive from various devices, even the cell phone or dongle DACs. The planar drivers deliver ultra-low distortion (<0.05%) and a broad 20Hz-40kHz effective frequency range, making it a top choice for audiophiles and music lovers.

Whale Inspired Design

With WDC's(Whale and Dolphin Conservation) assistance, we drew inspiration from whales' biological features for Hidizs MP145 in-ear monitors. By seamlessly incorporating whale tail and rorqual pleat characteristics, we achieved a smooth, ergonomic shape that fits the human ear canal perfectly. Utilizing advanced molding and five-axis CNC carving, the earphone panel is divided into 3 parts with a twelve-layer milling pattern, resembling whale tail fins and pectoral flippers.

Hidizs Customized "FAST" 14.5mm Ultra-large Planar Magnetic Driver

Step into a realm of unparalleled audio quality with the Hidizs MP145. Brace yourself for a mesmerizing soundstage that brings your music to life with stunning clarity and depth. A great driver without proper tuning will never achieve an enjoyable sound, experiencing MP145, it is a more accurate sound reproduction with richer, more natural details.

Fully Symmetrical Magnetic Circuit

The fully symmetrical magnetic circuit boasts a precise arrangement of 7+7 N52H magnets during mold assembly. This design ensures lower harmonic distortion, enhanced magnetic circuit efficiency, and a maximum magnetic flux of close to 1 Tesla at the magnetic gap. The result? Crystal-clear sound quality with unparalleled brilliance.

Customize Your Sonic Bliss: 3 Pneumatic Sound Tuning Filters

Through Hidizs' innovative 3 pneumatic sound tuning filter replacement technology, the MP145 offers 9 different sound styles perfectly complemented by ear tips meticulously crafted for vocal, balanced, and bass. With this cutting-edge technology, the MP145 presents a diverse selection of 9 sound styles, catering to a wide range of music genres and individual preferences. Immerse yourself in lifelike music scenes and experience the authenticity of sound. Effortlessly switch between high-frequency, balanced, and low-frequency modes to suit your personal preferences and the music genre you're listening to. Whether it's delicate melodies, powerful bass, or a balanced blend, tailor your audio experience and immerse yourself in a world of customizable sonic bliss.

Whale-inspired Bionic Breathing: Hidden Ventilation Ports

The internal space of the MP145 IEM is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the large 14.5mm diaphragm, providing ample room for captivating audio performance. Additionally, discreetly integrated into the transition area of the whale tail fin-shaped panel are two hidden ventilation ports. These vents optimize the airflow within the earphone cavity, enhancing transparency and balance of the sound. Experience the deep, immersive bass and soaring highs as you effortlessly breathe and navigate through exhilarating musical compositions.

Take It Everywhere: Unmatched Audio Quality Without the Bulk

Say goodbye to bulky and cumbersome over-ear headphones and embrace the Hidizs MP145 IEM, a new era of audio enjoyment. With its sleek and lightweight design, this in-ear monitor delivers mesmerizing soundstage and astonishing sonic clarity without the burden of a heavy headset.

Weighing below 9.5g per earphone, the MP145's 14.5mm large driver effortlessly provides an immersive listening experience. Whether you're on the go, working out, or simply relaxing, rediscover your favorite tracks with the utmost comfort and convenience.

You Might Not Even Notice It's There: Design with Comfortable Extended Wear

Thanks to the lightweight design of MP145, the precise calculation results make the overall center of gravity of IEM more stable, and finally the weight of a single earphone (excluding cables) is controlled below 9.5g. Although the MP145 has a 14.5mm caliber large driver, it can still be worn easily for a long time without any burden.

An IEMs for Everyone: Perfect Match with Any Dongle DACs/Music Players/Smart Devices

With its 104dB high sensitivity, it can be easily driven to the optimal volume when paired with a cell phone, dongle DAC, or music player. Mild audiophiles and music lovers will find it perfect to match with a small dongle DAC, or any smart devices. While severe HiFi audiophiles will enjoy pairing it with a music player or a powerful amplifier. Experience fast response, excellent dynamic range, and impressive frequency characteristics.

Even when listening to music on streaming platforms and playing games on multiple devices, the Hidizs MP145 will deliver a unique and exceptional audio experience.

Hidizs Tuning Style: Perfectly Aligned with H-2019 Target Curve and Live Sound Tuning

The MP145 undergoes meticulous calibration using the B&K HAT professional testing tool, along with extensive testing at the Hidizs Acoustic Laboratory. Its output frequency response curve is precisely aligned with the H-2019 target curve. Furthermore, based on Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) and careful adjustments to the balanced response details have been made, enhancing the soundstage depth of the MP145. This results in outstanding performance for vocals and live performances, providing a captivating sense of space akin to being at a live concert. Moreover, unlike other planar HiFi IEMs, the MP145 handles high-frequency and low-frequency details differently, allowing listeners to discern a wider range of music intricacies. It delivers a perfect audio experience that captures the enjoyment of multiple music genres all in one pair of IEMs.

Crystal Clear Connectivity: The Uncompromising Signal Cable

Equipped with a signal cable crafted from a blend of four strands of 99.9999% high-purity single-crystal oxygen-free copper silver-plated wire, the MP145 ensures a amorphous low-resistance and high-tensile listening experience.

This exceptional cable allows for greater driving current with its low-resistance transmission, while the silver-plated layer enhances the conductivity of the single-crystal copper rod's surface, minimizing signal loss.

The result is enhanced resolution in the mid-to-high frequencies, delivering astonishingly clear vocals and making it an essential feature of high-end headphone signal cables.Hi-Fi Compatible: Standard Detachable Cable & Durable 2pin Plug

The Hidizs MP145 is a perfect match for any Dongle DACs or Music Players. The MP145 headphone cable features a sturdy 0.78mm 2pin connector, meeting Hi-Fi standards for a secure and reliable connection, ensuring stable signal transmission. These connectors are compatible with most earphones jacks and HIDIZS brand units, guaranteeing long-lasting durability with their copper-plated housing. The cable comes in 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced versions, giving users flexibility in their choice. It also supports any audio cable using the 0.78mm 2pin standard plug. It's a top choice for audio enthusiasts and music lovers.Hidizs Liquid Silicone Ear Tips & Customized Pouch

Hidizs Liquid Silicone Ear Tips are made of high-permeability liquid silicone, designed ergonomically to snugly fit the ear canal. They guarantee lossless bass sound, improved bass performance without interfering with the treble, and overall enhanced audio quality. The customized pouch provided by Hidizs ensures safe storage and prolongs the usage life of MP145 worry-free.

Experience Music in Hi-Res

As an officially Hi-Res certified audio product, the Hidizs MP145 meets the stringent standards set by the industry. Immerse yourself in the richness and detail of high-resolution audio, as every nuance and subtlety of your favorite tracks is faithfully reproduced. Rediscover your music collection and experience it like never before with the MP145.

Hidizs MP145 Planar HiFi IEMs Limited Golden Titanium Edition

Titanium is a widely occurring metal in nature, known for its remarkable chemical stability, high-temperature resistance, low-temperature tolerance, resistance to strong acids and bases, and a unique combination of high strength and low density. It is commonly used in the construction of rockets and spacecraft, earning it the nickname 'space metal.' Titanium exhibits paramagnetism and boasts extremely low electrical and thermal conductivity. However, it is challenging to process and comes at a high cost, making it an ideal material for high-end audio equipment casings.

The Globally Limited Golden Titanium is made of titanium. It is also match and turned  base on the H-2019 standard curve. So the sound performance of Titanium Edition is stabilized and clearer than the aluminum alloy edition. And the Titanium materiel is more expensive than the other materials of the IEMs.Save the Whales, Save the World!

Through a close partnership with WDC (Whale & Dolphin Conservation), the Hidizs team drew inspiration from whales' biological features and aesthetics to create the unique and artistically pleasing in-ear monitors, the MP145. These monitors not only deliver professional-grade audio performance but also serve as a means to raise awareness about whale and marine ecosystem conservation. We invite you to explore our dedicated efforts in crafting the MP145, offering a unique blend of nature, humanity, and cutting-edge technology in a world where audio products often lack distinction.

What's in the Box?

1 x 3.5 mm or4.4mm Earphone Cable
1 x MP145IEMs 1x Storage Bag 9 Pairs X Ear Tips
1 xUser Manual 1x Warranty Card
3 x Hidizs Pneumatic Sound Tuning Filters

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