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INTUAURA Purple Dynamic Driver Unit In-Ear Monitors Earphone A.W .C.T IEMS

INTUAURA Purple Dynamic Driver Unit In-Ear Monitors Earphone A.W .C.T IEMS

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Frequency Response Range: 5Hz-50kHz (Free Field)
Effective Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz (IEC60318-4)
DC Impedance: 29Ω (5%)
Sensitivity: 126dB/Vrms @ 1kHz (3dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.05% @ 1kHz
Plug Specifications: 0.78mm dual pins
Cable Length: 1.2 meters (+0.1 meters)

Unlock the Essence of Purple

Purple, the essence of INTUAURA headphones, encapsulates a symphony of purity and elegance. It embodies the delicate sound of snowflakes descending to the ground, subtly audible. Like a royal horn, it exudes nobility and power, a majestic and awe-inspiring force. More than a color, Purple becomes the messenger of music, your auditory companion, guiding you through the rhythmic journey of every musical moment. With its simplicity and elegance, Purple unveils your personal music sanctuary.

Hand-Drawn Uniqueness

The hand-drawn appearance of INTUAURA Purple makes each piece a unique masterpiece. Crafted using HeyGears' 3D printing technology, the solid semi-transparent resin shells boast a seamless one-piece design, offering a high-end and exquisite aesthetic that's truly upscale.

Custom High-End Dynamic Coil Unit

In collaboration with Mr. Xie Yu, a distinguished supplier involved in the development of brands like Sennheiser and B&O, we present an exceptional dynamic coil unit. The Purple earphones showcase the same dynamic coil unit as our Luster earphones, highlighting our tuning prowess. Through meticulous adjustments in the headphone cavity structure, tuning mesh cloth, and utilizing the four cavity spaces, we've crafted the unique sound signature of Purple.

Japanese Optimized Diaphragms and Precision Design

ZACROS Corporation's optimization of LCD polymer LCP for diaphragms delivers an impressive frequency response, diving as low as 5Hz and extending up to 50KHz. With a precision CNC high-permeability N52 ultra-high performance speaker magnetic circuit, Purple achieves a natural magnetic flux density of 1.6T, ensuring a rich, detailed sound experience. The brass independent rear chamber, ultra-fine CCAW voice coil, and stainless steel + copper bracket contribute to a wide frequency response range, reduced distortion, and enhanced sound dynamics.

Collaboration with Top-Tier 3D Printing Suppliers

Our partnership with HeyGears Technology ensures a consistent and precisely crafted acoustic structure among different earphones. The developed sound cavity absorption system, in conjunction with A.W.C.T acoustic tuning technology, absorbs inharmonic energy peaks and offers an immersive and textured sound experience.

Higher-Quality Cables for Audiophile Pleasure

Purple comes equipped with a high-purity copper 0.78 double-pin high-quality cable. The custom 16-strand wire core, inclined to low-frequency performance, ensures exceptional sound quality with a negligible failure rate. The cable's high-cost unequal curved surface design adds a touch of elegance to your audio setup, enhancing both visual and auditory pleasures.


16-strand high-purity copper cable, imitation leather headphone bag, 4 types of 12 pairs of ear caps (an additional maximum of 6 pairs of ear caps are randomly given, totaling up to 18 pairs of ear caps), sparesound outlet filter, warranty card (with electronic version of the user manual), certificate of conformity, desiccant (please keep out of reach of children),and a limited edition commemorative INTONATIONACOUSTICS stainless steel LOGO sticker is included as a gift.


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