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AUNE S10 PRO HiFi Digital Audio Player: DSD, WiFi, Bluetooth, aptX-HD, LDAC

AUNE S10 PRO HiFi Digital Audio Player: DSD, WiFi, Bluetooth, aptX-HD, LDAC

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Digital Output:

THD+N (24bit/96k): -147.6dB
Jitter (24bit/44.1k): 181ps (700Hz-100kHz)
Analog Output:

Frequency Response (20Hz~20kHz): ±0.5dB
Noise Floor (S10N): 4.39uV
THD+N @1kHz (S10N): 0.00068% (24bit/44.1k)
Noise Floor (S10Pro): 3.2uV
THD+N @1kHz (S10Pro): 0.00029% (24bit/44.1k)
Resolution Support (Max):

Coaxial/AES Digital Out: 384k/32bit DoP128
Optical Digital Out: 192k/24bit DoP64
HDMI-IIS (for local playback only): 768k/32bit DSD512
RCA Line Out: 768k/32bit DSD512
Supported Formats:

DSD: DSD64/128/256/512
APE: 192kHz/24bit (MAX)
FLAC: 384kHz/32bit (MAX)
WAV: 768kHz/32bit (MAX)

Playback Support (Max): 192k/24bit
SPDIF Output (Max): 44.1k

Supported Codecs: LDAC/aptX-HD/AAC/aptX/SBC
Resolution Support (Max): 96k/24bit

Digital Output: RCA Coaxial/AES/Optical/HDMI-IIS*
Analog Output: RCA Line Out (Variable)/Balanced XLR
Clock Input: 10M Clock In
Wireless: 2.4G Bluetooth, 2.4G WiFi
Dimensions: 288*211*63 (mm)

Weight: 3kg

AUNE S10N/S10 Pro Network Music Player

Innovative 5-Core Frame for Pure Sound Focus

The S10N/S10 Pro, AUNE's new generation network music player in 2023, introduces an innovative distributed multi-core frame. Featuring MediaTek streaming core, Freescale TM underlying hardware decoding core, LDAC/aptX HD Bluetooth core, aune PLL clock core, and FPGA asynchronous generation core, it caters to the high-fidelity needs of both wireless and local playback. This master-tape-grade network music player is designed with an unwavering focus on delivering an exceptional sonic experience.

The Innovative Distributed 5-Core Frame

  1. MediaTek Streaming Core

    • Control the S10N/S10 Pro effortlessly with a dedicated app.
    • Supports AirPlay, Tidal, Qobuz, QQ Music, DLNA, NAS, and more.
  2. NXP Cortex-M7 Core

    • AUNE's third-generation underlying hardware decoding core.
    • Supports 32bit/768k and DSD512.
    • Coaxial/optical/IIS outputs for an unparalleled sound reproduction focus.
  3. Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth Core

    • Enables high-resolution audio playback via Bluetooth.
    • Supports HD Bluetooth codecs such as LDAC and aptX HD.
  4. PLL Clock Processing Core

    • Complex and precise PLL core supporting clock input.
    • FPGA core asynchronously generates ultra-low-jitter digital signals for natural and detailed sound.
  5. FPGA Audio Processing Core

    • ARM decodes mastertape-grade music files.
    • FPGA regenerates ultra-low-jitter digital signals for precise output.

Multi-Scenario One Focus

The S10N/S10 Pro excels in multi-scenario applications, supporting streaming, local playback, and HD Bluetooth. Its versatility ensures playback from various mastertape-grade sound sources, always focusing on delivering exceptional sound quality.

Home Mastertape-Grade HiFi System

Pair the S10N/S10 Pro with active speakers or an amplifier and active speakers to build a home mastertape-grade HiFi system effortlessly.

Easy Connectivity with Multiple Interfaces

The S10N/S10 Pro offers various outputs, including coaxial, optical, IIS, RCA, and XLR line outputs, catering to diverse connection needs. Its jitter oscillator ensures purer and more precise digital signals.

Digital + Linear Dual Transformers Power Supply Frame

The power supply frame incorporates digital + linear transformers, a multi-channel two-stage power supply, low-ripple voltage regulator chip, resulting in outstanding sound quality for both digital and analog outputs.

4" Display Screen, Simple and Efficient

Featuring a 4" display screen, the S10N/S10 Pro keeps controls simple and neat, minimizing light pollution and interference. Smartphone control further enhances user experience and maintains a clean listening environment.

USB Ports and External Storage Support

Two USB ports support external storage devices up to 2TB, allowing for a vast local music library for easy access to your favorite tunes.

Rigorous HiFi Component Selection

Carefully selected high-quality components, including CoG capacitors and film chip capacitors, contribute to the S10N/S10 Pro's commitment to exceptional sound.

High-Spec for More Detail

Measured specifications boast a low noise floor, ultra-low THD+N, and minimal jitter, laying the foundation for the S10N/S10 Pro's excellent sound quality.

Aesthetic Tuning

Tuned based on real instrument sounds and music pieces, the S10N/S10 Pro's signature is natural and full of musicality, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable listening experience.


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