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AUNE S9C PRO: High-Power Fully Balanced Headset Decoder & USB Sound Card

AUNE S9C PRO: High-Power Fully Balanced Headset Decoder & USB Sound Card

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Line Out:

Output Level: 2.2Vrms
Noise Floor: 2.04μV
Dynamic Range: 122dB
THD+N: 0.00029%
XLR Out:

Output Level: 4.99Vrms
Noise Floor: 4.07μV
Dynamic Range: 122dB
THD+N: 0.00022%
Headphone Out:

Noise Floor: 7.71μV
THD+N: 0.00058% (1.78Vrms / 1kHz 0dB)
Impedance: 1Ω
32Ω (1445mW Single-ended, 5780mW Balanced)
100Ω (490mW Single-ended, 1960mW Balanced)
300Ω (168mW Single-ended, 672mW Balanced)
600Ω (84mW Single-ended, 336mW Balanced)
*As the S9c Pro works in clock sync mode, SPDIF doesn't support DoP.

Unrivaled Sound: AUNE S9C PRO DAC with Headphone Amp

Unmatched Precision with 2nd Gen PLL Core

Embark on an auditory journey like never before with the AUNE S9C PRO. Immerse yourself in pure, precise sound thanks to the groundbreaking 2nd Gen PLL Core, a technological marvel that took four years to perfect. This complex algorithm delivers frequencies corresponding to different resolutions, ensuring a natural and vivid sonic experience.

Clock Sync Tech Elevates USB Decoding to New Heights

Revolutionize your USB decoding experience with Clock Sync Technology. Unlike conventional methods, our S9C PRO employs an ultra-low-jitter PLL to share clock signals between USB XMOS and the DAC chip. The result? Genuine high fidelity that sets a new standard for audio excellence.

Unleash High Fidelity with Clock Sync Tech for Digital Framework

Extend the realm of high fidelity to your digital setup. Clock Sync Technology converts coaxial/AES/optical signals to IIS signals, reshaped with ultra-low-jitter PLL clock signals. Paired with digital transport/players, this technology ensures an unparalleled audio experience.

Fully-Discrete Amp: Power Meets Prowess

Powered by a fully-discrete amp circuit with twin JFET per channel, the S9C PRO delivers a commanding and rich sound profile. The input-stage JFET imparts a mellow and high-impedance sound, akin to vacuum tubes. With a massive 5W output, unleash the full potential of your headphones and IEMs.

Bluetooth, Redefined with Clock Sync Tech (Bluetooth Edition Only)

Even Bluetooth audio reaches new heights with Clock Sync Technology. The S9C PRO transforms signals from the HD Bluetooth module, reshaping them with ultra-low-jitter PLL clock signals. Bluetooth becomes synonymous with high fidelity.

Dual DAC Chip in Clock Sync Mode: Optimized Brilliance

The S9C PRO not only boasts two ES9068 DAC chips but also utilizes them in clock synchronization mode. Carefully optimized power supply further enhances the chips' potential, providing an unparalleled audio feast.

Versatility Meets Precision with 3 Headphone Outputs

Adaptable to your preferences, the S9C PRO features single-ended 6.35mm and balanced XLR 4.4mm outputs. Whether it's headphones or IEMs, experience uncompromised sound quality.

Tune Your Experience with Two Distinct Modes

Select between Standard Mode for neutral and natural sound or Pure Mode for heightened performance, improved density, and an expansive soundstage. Tailor your audio experience to match your unique preferences.

10M External Clock Support: Explore New Sonic Realms

Unleash the full potential of the S9C PRO with 10M External Clock Support. Clocks, the heart of the digital circuit, receive an upgrade, providing more room for sonic exploration. Recommended audio clocks include aune S1c, aune SC1, or aune XC1.

IIS Differential Transmission Isolation Tech: Pure and Clean Signals

Immerse yourself in a world free from interference. The S9C PRO employs IIS differential isolation transmission technology, ensuring a pure and clean signal transmission. Say goodbye to unwanted artifacts in your audio journey.

50W Low-Ripple Toroidal Transformer + 23900μF Capacitor Array: Unparalleled Power

Feel the richness of sound with the 50W toroidal low-ripple analog linear transformer and a massive 23900μF capacitor array. This linear power supply provides an unmatched advantage, delivering a charming and rich audio experience.

Effortless Control with Multi-Function Knob & All-Aluminum Remote

Simplicity meets functionality with the clean front plate featuring a multi-function knob. Adjust current, gain, and volume effortlessly. The well-designed all-aluminum remote adds a touch of luxury to your control experience.


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