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FiiO/K19 flagship desktop decoding ear amplifier headphone amplifier

FiiO/K19 flagship desktop decoding ear amplifier headphone amplifier

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Color: Black/Silver
DAC Chip: 8-channel ES9039PRO2
Headphone Amplifier Module: 8-channel THX AAA 788+
USB Decoding Chip: XMOS XU316
USB Decoding Specifications: 768kHz/32bit, DSD512, MQA full decoding
USB Interface: Type-C3
Bluetooth Chip: QCC5125, Bluetooth 5.1 version
Bluetooth Codecs: SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/aptX Adaptive/LDAC
Screen: 1.3-inch full-fit screen (240*240)
Output Power 1: L+R 2300mW+2300mW (32Ω single-ended, THD+N<1%, super large ear mode)
Output Power 2: L+R 2800mW+8000mW (32Ω balanced, THD+N<1%, super large ear mode)
Output Power 3: L+R 270mW+270mW (300Ω single-ended, THD+N<1%, super large ear mode)
Output Power 4: L+R 2100mW+1100mW (300Ω balanced, THD+N<1%, super large ear mode)
Output Power 5: L+R 1250mW+1250mW (32Ω single-ended, THD+N<1%, large ear mode)
Output Power 6: L+R 2500mW+5000mW (32Ω balanced, THD+N<1%, large ear mode)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: ≥128dB (A-weighted)
Noise Floor 1: LO <1.6μV (A-weighted); PO <3.5μV (A-weighted)
Noise Floor 2: BALLO <2μV (A-weighted); BAL <6μV (A-weighted)
Output Impedance: <0.62Ω (32Ω)
THD+N: <0.0002% (1kHz/-6dB@32Ω)
Weight: About 1800g
Dimensions: About 250x225x36.7mm
Intelligent Protection: Over-temperature, Overload, DC protection, 0 data detection

K19 Desktop Headphone Amplifier

Key Features:

  • Professional 31-Band High-Precision PEQ: The K19 employs DEL (DualEngine Limiter) technology with a unique algorithm to dynamically compress/enhance DRCDRE, and features a global 31-band high-precision PEQ adjustment. This allows for fine adjustment of audio parameters such as gain range (+12~-24dB), threshold range (0.4dB~128dB), and more, providing professional-grade audio customization.

  • ADISHARC+ Processor ADSP-21565: Utilizing the ADISHARC+ processor ADSP-21565, along with custom ultra-low phase noise femtosecond crystal oscillators, double precision 64-bit floating-point operation, and 800MHz DSP clock frequency, the K19 supports professional-grade high-precision PEQ adjustment, ensuring high-fidelity audio processing and robust system protection.

  • ESS Flagship 8-Channel DAC ES9039SPRO*2: Equipped with two ESS flagship 8-channel DACs ES9039SPRO, based on the fourth-generation 32Bit HyperStream architecture, delivering ultra-high dynamic range and ultra-low noise characteristics for clear, detailed, and immersive sound.

  • 8-Channel THX AAA 788+ Headphone Amplifier: The K19 features a new 8-channel THX AAA 788+ headphone amplifier architecture with high-voltage supply and parallel drive, delivering enhanced transient response and a continuous output power of 8000mW+8000mW per channel at 32Ω, capable of driving various types of headphones with ease.

  • ACCUSILICON Ultra-Low Phase Noise Femtosecond Crystal Oscillators: Employing two ACCUSILICON AS318-B series ultra-low phase noise femtosecond crystal oscillators (45.1584MHz, 49.1520MHz), selected through 100% screening, to reduce phase noise effects on audio signals and accurately reproduce audio signals at different sampling rates, ensuring pure and stable sound performance.

  • Professional Digital Audio Processing Architecture: Featuring a robust quad-core FPGA as the central processor for high-definition digital signal processing, responsible for Bluetooth reception decoding, USB decoding, optical/coaxial decoding, HDMI/ARC decoding, DSP signal processing, and more, ensuring precise and orderly processing of all digital signals.

  • Global Clock Synchronization Management: Ensuring high-precision, low-jitter digital signal transmission for pure and stable audio streams, resulting in clearer and more transparent sound.

  • Fully Balanced Audio Architecture: From DAC decoding, I/V conversion, low-pass filtering, to headphone amplifier drive, the K19 adopts fully differential signal processing to ensure large dynamic range and effective crosstalk reduction. Additionally, precision op-amps such as OPA2211 and OPA1602 are utilized to ensure stable output performance.

  • Flagship Design with Ultra-Thin Integrated Metal Die-Cast Shockproof Body: The K19 features a new design with an aluminum alloy body formed by die-casting for integrity and solidity. The body is meticulously polished with CNC machining, reducing thickness while ensuring excellent shock resistance. The integrated base further enhances stability.

  • HDMI/ARC Decoding Support: The K19 introduces HDMI/ARC interface support for HDMI 2.0 decoding, HDMI output, and HDMI ARC audio return, providing an immersive new audiovisual HiFi experience.

  • Physical Sub-Board and Shielding Design: Internally, the K19 adopts a sub-board layout for digital and analog sections, with metal shielding covers for the DSP board, DAC board, and THX headphone amplifier board, ensuring isolation and purity of the signal. Additionally, aluminum alloy isolation compartments are used to avoid mutual interference, effectively guaranteeing signal purity. The aluminum alloy body, combined with a honeycomb aluminum alloy cover with steel mesh lining, further reduces external interference for a pure listening experience.

  • Fine Audio Power Supply Circuit Design: Featuring dual DC/AC power supplies, the K19 incorporates a new generation of 40W low-noise, high-efficiency, long-life industrial and instrumentation-grade power supplies, with support for wide input voltage (85°C) ranges, providing high reliability. Additionally, the K19 is equipped with an external DC power interface for use with higher-performance linear power supplies, allowing for different sound performances.

The K19 Desktop Headphone Amplifier is a flagship audio device with advanced features and a professional-grade design, offering unparalleled audio customization and performance.

What's in the Box?

- Quick Start Guide
- Warranty Card
- AC Power Cord
- Type-C to USB-A Adapter
- 6.35mm Adapter
- Base (Color matched with the device)
- Headphone Stand (Color matched with the device)
- Screwdriver
- XLR4 Metal Dust Cap (Factory installed)
- Rubber Feet
- Screws
- USB 2.0 Data Cable
- Dual Type-C Data Cable
- 3.5mm Recording Cable
- Infrared Remote Control

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