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KAEI TAP-1 DACs Portable Desktop Full Balanced Headphone Tube Amp&Dacs

KAEI TAP-1 DACs Portable Desktop Full Balanced Headphone Tube Amp&Dacs

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2022 KAEI TAP-1 DACs Portable Desktop Full Balanced Headphone Tube Amp Dacs 4900MW + PSU-1 Hifi Linear Power Supply

TAP-1 is a high-end headphone amplifier specially designed for audiophiles. It adopts a fully balanced four-channel design and supports 3.5 single-ended/4.4 balanced input and output. Use four American low-power, long-life electronic tubes as tube preamp. It adopts a desktop architecture design promoted by the OP+ discrete rear stage, with a plug-in power of up to 4900mw, and is equipped with a tube off switch function, which can be selected in two tones of normal mode and tube mode. With two flagship op amps MUSES 02, players can also achieve different timbres by changing different op amps.



Portable mode: In its battery mode, it can last about 10 hours. The battery capacity is about 5000mah, can support ordinary USB or power bank charging, and supports QC3.0, and PD protocols for fast charging.



Desktop mode: Used with an independent linear power supply, it can form a standard desktop amp. Power supply 4 sets of voltage output, external rectified and stabilized voltage directly supplied to the headphone amplifier, completely bypassing the power supply of the headphone amplifier. The dedicated aviation-grade six-core power cable realizes the power supply of the desktop-level op amp up to plus or minus 17V and the earphone discrete drive system, and the potential of this system is played out. If you use it at home or your earphones are difficult to driven, you can purchase the headphone amp.




- Four American low-power, long-life electronic tubes as tube preamp (tube can be turned off, dual tone selection)

- Air bag shock absorption technology: exclusive electronic tube suspension air shock absorption technology, effectively reducing the microphone effect

- The output thrust of plug-in mode is up to 4900MW. Tube preamp+OP+ discrete post-stage desktop amplifier architecture, easily adapt to high and low impedance, can drive various headphones of 12-600Ω

- PSU-1 power supply uses two customized single crystal copper winding transformers, filter capacitors for ELNA, HIFI capacitors for Nichicon, etc. Ultra-low noise linear regulator (LDO) is used for positive and negative power supply

- The key parts of the TAP-1 headphone amplifier are all tuned with HIFI components. Non-inductive resistors for American RA, resistors for Vishay, resistors for Philips, capacitors for WIMA, and other components for Omron, Philips, Siemens, etc. Two flagship operational amplifiers, MUSES02. With op amp seat, you can also replace dual op amp. Two 4-layer PCB boards are used inside. The headphone amplifier and the power supply are separated from each other to effectively reduce the interference of the power supply on the same board

- Repeated tuning accurate to single resistance level, audiophile grade materials regardless of cost

- Input/output compatibility: 4.4mm balanced input→3.5 single-ended output, 4.4 balanced output. 3.5mm single-ended input → 3.5 single-ended output, 4.4 single-ended output

- The linear power supply uses six-core aviation-grade gold-plated plug for Lemo 1B to output to the headphone amplifier to ensure a stable connection quality



Technical Parameters:

- Audio input: 3.5mm/4.4mm

- Audio output: 3.5mm/4.4mm

- Frequency response: 15HZ-100KHZ (±1db)

- Signal-to-noise ratio: -129DB (turn off the tube)

- Distortion: 0.004< (1KHZ, 32Ω) (turn off the tube)

- Gain: 1.65 times

- Recommended input level: >2V

- Battery life: about 10 hours in battery mode (5000mah)

- Rated power of linear power supply: 7w

- Power interface: USB TYPE-C (charging)

- 8 suffix (linear power supply 220v input)

- For Lemo 1B six-pin aviation-grade plug (wire output)

- Size: 14cm in length, 7.4cm in width and 2.9cm in height

- Recommended headphone impedance: 12-600Ω

- Recommended earphone sensitivity: less than 110DB


Maximum Output Power (L+R):

1. Battery mode (Portable mode):

Balanced Single-Ended

3000mw (16Ω) 1200mw (16Ω)

2100mw (32Ω) 700mw (32Ω)

1100mw (100Ω) 440mw (100Ω)

450mw (300Ω) 200mw (300Ω)


2. Desktop mode:

Balanced Single-Ended

4900mw (16Ω) 1980mw (16Ω)

3200mw (32Ω) 1400mw (32Ω)

2000mw (100Ω) 900mw (100Ω)

990mw (300Ω) 480mw (300Ω)




- 600Ω has not been tested, but it still supports 600Ω headphones.



Package Included:


- 1 x Set of Headphone Amp & Linear Power Supply

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