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Quloos QA860 hifi Lossless Digital Player AD1955 DAC LME49720+OPA2134 24Bit/192Khz DSD64 Coaxial/optical input FLAC Music Player

Quloos QA860 hifi Lossless Digital Player AD1955 DAC LME49720+OPA2134 24Bit/192Khz DSD64 Coaxial/optical input FLAC Music Player

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QA860 HiFi lossless digital music player (hereinafter referred to as QA860) is a set of digital player, DAC, headphone amplifier in one of the high cost HiFi equipment Internal power handling complex, real-time software architecture strongest, ultra-low Jitter clock and digital processing circuits, the unique strict isolation between circuits inside the machine design to ensure that it has a HI-END-level output characteristics.

• The most conducive to sound software architecture
QA860 firmware continuation in QA660, still uses the QLS-HiFi exclusive patented technology --- microcontroller single-threaded pure tone player, unique procedural framework enables digital output with very low clock jitter (Jitter), and the digital audio output into the HI -END peak.

• Support for mastering grade high bitrate file playback
QA860 can play 24Bit / 192KHz high rate of WAV digital audio stream, we know that the traditional CD-ROM only 16Bit / 44.1Khz, 24Bit / 192KHz digital mastering of data than conventional CD 5-8 times the amount of data (a 24Bit / 192Khz mastering songs almost the entire capacity of a CD), so the digital mastering both in the sound field, density, dynamic and resolving power so far beyond the traditional CD quality.

• Digital DSD player that supports DSD direct play, direct decoding
QA860 can support DIFF and DSF files (DSD64, 1bit, Stereo) direct playback, you can output DSD DoP coaxial signal directly, but also through the internal DAC chip CPLD and direct hardware decoder outputs analog signals.



Technical Specifications
Sample median: 16Bit or 24Bit.
Sampling rate: 44.1Khz, 48Khz, 88.2Khz, 96Khz, 176.4Khz, 192Khz, DSD 1bit 64FS.
Audio formats supported: WAV (up to 24Bit / 192KHz), APE, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, DIFF, DSF, MP3.
Digital Output: Coaxial * 1; fiber * 1.
Digital output format: PCM / Dolby Digital / DTS / DSD (DoP v1.0).
Digital Input: Coaxial * 1; fiber * 1 (up to 24bit 192Khz).
Analog output: RCA unbalanced * 1; XLR balanced * 1.
Amp output: 6.35 output port * 2.
Analog output parameters:
Unbalanced terminal output level: 2.44V RMS
Balance end output level: 4.88V RMS
:0-50k Hz frequency response
SNR: 120dB
Dynamic range: 118dB
Separation: 110dB
Distortion: 0.0007%
Amp maximum output power: 600 Europe: 120mw 300 Europe: 250mW 150 Europe: 550mW 64 Europe: 1.2W 32 Europe: 2W
DAC: AD1955 I / V: OPA2134 * 2 low-pass and preamp: LME49720 * 3 amp: LME49720 + OPA2134 + TPA6120
Power Consumption: <30W
Input Power: AC 100-120V or AC 220V-240V 50 / 60Hz (machine switch) (ordering no description always switch to AC 220V-240V position).
Remote control Material: aluminum panels, plastic case, plastic buttons; remote control Size: 237 * 48 * 22mm; Remote Control Weight (without batteries): 135g
Host size: 215mm (W) x330mm (depth) x100mm (height) (including connectors and feet exposed nails).
Host weight: 5KG


Digital inputs: RCA coaxial + square-port Fibre
Digital output: RCA coaxial + square-port Fibre
Analog Output: a set of RCA unbalanced outputs, a set of XLR balanced outputs
Amp output ports: 2 6.35 headphone port
Power input: standard AC power input socket
SD card: standard SD card

USB input interface like A (cpl, no function)

Package include:
1 x QA860 host.
1 x Remote Control (Air Express can not be made due to the battery, so the remote control 2 AAA batteries are not included).
1 x power cord.
1 x 16GB Class10 SDHC card.
1 x brand card reader.
Gifts: 6.35 to 3.5 headphone adapter plug * 1

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