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TFZ CROWN SuperTFZ 12MM Dynamic Driver HiFi In-ear Earphone IEMs

TFZ CROWN SuperTFZ 12MM Dynamic Driver HiFi In-ear Earphone IEMs

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Driver: 12mm dual magnetic circuit Tesla magnetic group CCAW voice coil

Impedance: 20Ω/68Ω

Sensitivity: 113dB/1kHz

Frequency response: 5-40kHz


Professional stage music earphones

  • Built-in impedance capacitance filters adjustable circuit to stabilize acoustic system.


  • CROWN flagship headphones have incredible resistance capacitance filtering and adjustable stability circuit functions, equipped with dual mode adjustable switches, presenting innovative listening and music creation methods with exquisite crown design elements. The new CROWN flagship is a magical work of TFZ brand that has been focusing on the development of dynamic driver for 9 years and the fifth generation of dynamic acoustic units, presenting extremely professional stage monitoring performance and unique calm and elegant sound. The CROWN flagship adheres to a bold and avant-garde design philosophy, hoping to once again demonstrate TFZ's creativity and focus on music creation and interpretation through this extraordinary series, and provide professional enthusiasts with a novel and bright listening style vision.

Ultra-clear performance benchmark

  • 1. Resistance capacitance filtering stable acoustic system.

  • 2. Ceramic hanging edge + blue film ball top diaphragm (True Black Technology).

  • 3. Dual mode dual impedance adjustable performance mode.

  • 4. Dual magnetic circuit Tesla magnetic pack driver.

  • 5. Five axis CNC aviation grade profile alloy shell.

  • 6. Integrating retro and futuristic lines.

  • 7. HIFI level replaceable plug module.

  • 8. Double needle stage level classic ear wrap design.

  • 9. Super balanced and stable voice.

Ultra /ow distortion, pure audio quality

  • The Crown flagship adopts a newly developed Tesla dynamic driver, with ceramic suspended edges and a blue film dome, as well as a strong magnetic flux of N52 magnet, ensuring that it always operates at ultra- /ow distortion levels. Whether it is total harmonic distortion, transient distortion, or phase distortion, it is controlled at a remarkable level, and the sound is clean, clear, and pleasant to hear, pure and durable.

Ceramic suspended edge+ blue film dome architecture, flagship level acoustic driver

  • CROWN adopts a new generation of acoustic technology, equipped with a ceramic suspended edge and blue film dome structure, a 12mm dual magnetic circuit Tesla magnetic pack, and a CCAW voice coil. The blue film dome adopts physical vacuum DC magnetron sputtering technology, which has the characteristics of high rigidity and light weight, making high- frequency beautiful and smooth.

  • The 12mm oversized dynamic unit can provide better large dynamic performance, as well as strong /ow- frequency volume and texture.

  • It is also effortless in achieving high- definition resolution, not only achieving reference level stage monitoring performance, but also in music appreciation.

Pressure balanced sound chamber

  • The carefully designed front porous position pressure relief balance design accurately controls the airflow inside the cavity, greatly improving the low- frequency performance of music, achieving a loose, soft, and round sound characteristic. It is pure, transparent, and clean, with extremely high listening resistance.

Dual mode dual resistance adjustable performance mode

  • The CROWN flagship adopts a Hi-end level resistive capacitive filtering stable acoustic system in its design. Its working principle is to achieve smoother working voltage through filtering circuits, making the audio signal more detailed and pure, and the sound quality more warm and durable. It further achieves stable music signal output mode under ultra-low distortion, while bringing higher resolution, wider frequency response, and larger sound field.

  • The dual resistance adjustable design makes CROWN even more powerful.

Professional stage level curve tuning

  • We are committed to tuning the acoustic quality and listening experience to a balanced and positive reference level, and providing reliable support and bonus points for professionals to create. In high impedance stable mode,we can also provide music enthusiasts with a Hi-end audiophile level music experience.

ON mode

  • When the switch is in the ON position, it is in professional monitoring mode.

  • The impedance in this mode is approximately 20Ω.

Style characteristics

  • Suitable for professional stage remixing, recording creation and score picking functions.

  • Can be widely used in recording studios, dubbing rooms, television stations.

  • Broadcasting stations and MIDI studios and other fields.

  • Artists, bands, singers, etc. Suitable for users to perform on stage.

  • Professional professionals.

  • Bass dyeing, low distortion, ultra-wide bandwidth, strong transient, easy to drive with large dynamics.

  • High definition resolution, sufficient details and information, precise positioning of vocal instruments.

1 - Mode

  • When the switch is in the 1 position, it is in high fidelity HIFI mode.

  • The impedance in this mode is approximately 68Ω.

Style characteristics

  • Suitable for music listening experience.

  • Suitable for enthusiasts, music enthusiasts, and music enthusiasts.

  • Triple frequency equalization, high reduction and /ow distortion, excellent fine and smooth high- frequency extension.

  • Low frequency diving with deep elasticity, ultra-clear analytical power, and dynamic agility.

  • The super large sound field has a wide range of sound.

  • Stable timbre and strong sense of space.

  • Suggest using lossless audio sources and matching professional players for front- end experience.

HIFI level replaceable connector module

  • CROWN comes standard with three specifications of replaceable connectors to achieve front- end freedom, paired with an ultra -strong front- end to help CROWN showcase its skills even more.

  1. 2.5mm balanced

  2. 3.5mm audio

  3. 4.4mm balanced

  4. 2pin 0.78mm silver plated cable

  5. Not only reliable connection, but also high definition signal transmission.

Sculptured shell

  • High precision CNC aviation grade alloy aluminum material is integrally formed, lightweight and comfortable to wear, lasting as new and durable.

Sparkling ears

  • A single earphone weighs only 7 grams, exquisite and lightweight, comfortable to wear. It offers a sponge cover and three sizes of silicone cover, allowing for long term creative listening without feeling or pressure.


  • Model: TFZ CROWN

  • Driver: 12mm dual magnetic circuit Tesla magnetic group CCAW voice coil

  • Impedance: 20Ω/68Ω

  • Sensitivity: 113dB/1kHz

  • Frequency response: 5-40kHz


  • SuperTFZ CROWN

  • Silver-plated cable

  • 3-in-1 plugs

  • Switch knob

  • Brush

  • Silicone eartips

  • Foam eartips

  • Storage bag


What's in the Box?


Silver-plated cable

3-in-1 plugs

Switch knob


Silicone eartips

Foam eartips

Storage bag

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