About US

Welcome to The HiFi Cat, your one-stop online shop for all things related to high-quality audio equipment. We are a team of HiFi professionals with a passion for bringing affordable and attainable audio solutions to everyone.

Warehouse Located in Shenzhen(Wanfeng Western Venture Park, Shajing, Baoan), the heart of electronics manufacturing, we have access to the latest and greatest in audio technology. Our goal is to provide our customers with a wide selection of top-of-the-line audio equipment, including DACs/AMPs, IEMs, headphones, portable audio players, dongles, and cables.

At The HiFi Cat, we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality audio without breaking the bank. That's why we carefully curate our selection to offer the best products at reasonable prices.

To ensure that our products meet our high standards, we have a team of professional audio testers who rigorously test and check each item before it's sent out. We take pride in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and we're always here to answer any questions or provide expert advice.

Thank you for choosing The HiFi Cat as your go-to source for all your audio needs. We're excited to help you elevate your listening experience to the next level.

Our customers in over 50 countries worldwide can get all the audio equipment they need, including accessories, in one place. No need to waste your time looking somewhere else.

Why named the Hifi Cat?

 It is our aim to concentrate on ourselves and to do every service meticulously. We hope to bring the beautiful enjoyment of music to the world's audio lovers through discovery and creation in Shenzhen. 

I also love cats very much and have a cat which has accompanied me for many lonely days and nights. I hope our presence can give consumers a touch of warmth, like the silent companionship of a cat.

  • Discover

Search and discover new products, our team has 20 years of professional HiFi players, through continuous professional testing, to select excellent products for consumers. Hope to surprise consumers.

  • Creation

Listening to the needs of consumers, we have a wealth of engineer resources, and will develop products that meet consumer needs in the later stage.

  • Exceptional Customer Service—7*24h: support@thehificat.com

We not only offer the best products at the best prices, but we also proud ourselves on providing the best service. Our expert team is ready to answer any questions you have 24/7. We want to help. Contact us.

  • 1-Year Warranty,Two-year warranty on desktop devices

Because we standby everything we sell. We back up all our products with our 1-year warranty. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that no matter what, We’re here for you & will make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Email: Support@thehificat.com

Tel: +8615920246685

Address: HOOVER INDUSTRIAL BUILDIN,KWAI CHEONG ROAD, FLAT 7,BLK B,23/F,, KWAI CHEONG ROAD, New Territories Hong Kong SAR (Note: This address is not the return address)