Kolekcja: Hybrid Drivers

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Kolekcja: Hybrid Drivers

A hybrid Drivers earphone is one that has at least one dynamic driver and one balanced armature. Nonetheless, several balanced armatures with numerous dynamic drivers can also be used to create a hybrid earphone. While dynamic drivers are often better suited to reproduce middle to lower mid frequencies and low frequencies in a better way, balanced armatures are components that are better geared to reproduce more effectively higher mid and high frequencies. Manufacturers can create headphones with specialized components (balanced armatures and dynamic drivers) for certain music, sometimes producing higher overall audio quality than a single dynamic driver, thanks to this type of hybrid design.

The list gets constantly updated every time a new Hybrid Drivers earphone is available.

Sound quality recommendation:1. XENNS Mangird Top 8BA+1DD Hybrid IEM 

                                                    2. AFUL Performer 5 1DD + 4BA In-Ear Monitors Earphone